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Whether you're discovering Maddison for the first time, or an enthusiastic fan, you can find the wonderful world of why choose romance in an abundance below!

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I Love Candy - Completed 

RH, Motorcycle Club, Dark Comedy

All My Pretty Psychos - Completed 

RH, Mutants in Asylum, Fated Mates

Wonderlust - TBC by July 2023

Second Chance, Vampire Menage Retelling

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HH Ebook.jpg
BB Ebook.jpg

War at Waversea - Completed 

High School Bully Menage Romance (Deaf FMC)


LL cover.jpg

A Deadly Sins Standalone

RH, BDSM, MMA Fighters

Willowmead Academy with Emma Luna

Teacher/Student, Age Gap

Moon Bound

Vampire/Shifter Hybrid

Beautiful Delusions

College Standalone

with three Brothers


Wreckin' Amethyst

Set in the same world as Candy, Amethyst is a con-artist who finds herself in the company of Myles Hudson. As a renowned billionaire and rehabilitated sex addict, Hudson's best friends have vowed to keep him on track. Even if it means they have to watch or join his sexual escapades.


Forged by Shadows

Avery has always preferred to be alone. Forced to join her stepbrother's university, she is completely out of her depth - not that she'll let the Shadows Souls know that. This is a dark Why Choose romance with five me, all who have traumatic backstories. Please be aware that discussions of abuse, sextorion, etc are included.. 

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