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A serial day dreamer.

Being a huge fan of all romance tropes, it was only a matter of time before I took my fingers to the keyboard and wrote down all the crazy in my head. 

In my books, you'll find feisty women who take no sh*t and bring their men to their knees. Reverse Harem is my jam, so when reading my books get ready for more than two book boyfriends - more hunks to choose from is never a bad place to be. 

Residing in the South East of England, I enjoy reading, going to the theatre and eating carbs.

Hey, Maddie here!

Maddison xoxo


Maddison is currently working on:

Forged by Shadows

Shadowed Souls Book One

Avery thought her suffering had ended.

She thought wrong.

After a traumatic start to life, being adopted was Avery‘s saving grace. She finally had parents who loved her and an entire mansion to call home. She spent her time hidden in the library or discovering her passion for ballet. Until a fateful accident changed everything, and left her at the mercy of her so-called brother.

Transferred to his boarding school, Avery’s solace comes to an abrupt end. Especially as her stepbrother and his gang of tormented souls have branded her as fresh meat. He hates her, they want her. Whoever prevails, Avery refuses to surrender her mind or body without a fight.



beautiful delusions kindle size.jpg

Beautiful Delusions

University Bully Why Choose Romance

Reality or Fantasy? Who Knows.

Sophia hasn't been lucky in life or love, but this new school will be different. Her anxiety prescription is filled and the library is nearby. That's all this bookworm needs to remain invisible and survive her final semester unseen.

However, the Thorn brothers did not get the memo. Claiming her as their 'pet', Sophia is thrown into a world of sex and secrecy. Of dares and doms. But that’s the least of her problems.

Without access to her meds, the books Sophia reads to escape begin coming to life around her. Her world is warping, her mind slipping. Battling the delusions and escaping these brothers is a full-time job, and she can forget attending classes. The Thorns have vowed to rule her mind as well as her life, if only their new pet would let them.


This is a Why Choose short romance, meaning the female lead will have three love interests and refuse to pick only one. Themes such as schizophrenia and medication are included. Expect excessive amounts of steam, violence and cursing throughout.

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If your looking for a Harley Quinn and Joker like romance, love a decent size harem, major enemies to lovers vibes grab this crazy series! Candy is crazy with a capital K! Her men are mafia a**holes, a group of once upon a time best friends hanging together by a thread and an outcast causing all kinds of trouble! This book was crazy from start to finish and so very funny.

- Shaniah, Crushin' Candy

I love this book for the characters!! The plot was super interesting. Definitely pulled me and kept me reading. But I love the main character, candy!! The guys are cool too, but my favorite is candy. I wish more authors wrote women the way that candy is written. She is real. She’s really self aware and honest with who she is. I can’t wait to read the next one!!

- Miranda, Crushin' Candy

This was the best damn book. So vivid, so real, the world building was intense. An amazing version of Alice in Wonderland. But like, better. I cannot wait for the next book! Dark, dangerous, imaginative, and sexy, with the weird nostalgia of the childhood story mixed in. There are so many good things to say about the book. I'm gonna stick with one. WOW.

- Amber, Descend into Madness

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